Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adobe PDF and EPUB will be present in Bookeen products

Bookeen has signed an agreement with Adobe to license the Adobe Reader Mobile SDK for its products.
The new software engine delivers support for reflowable PDF technology, Adobe’s content protection technology, as well as the EPUB file format, an XML-based eBook standard with broad support from the publishing industry.
The Bookeen products will be compatible with Adobe Digital Edition Desktop application (compatible both on PCs and Macs) enabling users to acquire and download their content from a variety of sources.
Both the PDF and EPUB support will become available through a software release scheduled in quarter 1 2009, more details will follow later.

Adobe Press Release


ajlewis2 said...

Great news!! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent news! Looking forward to the update.

Aleks said...

Excellent. I just purchased the Cybook but I was a bit in doubt due to the lack of epub support. Now there is no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice. Love it.

NAE said...

Best possible news Bookeen could give their costumers.

Now, let's hope for a previous upgrade regarding other subjects also important - no need to mention them, do I? :-)


Aleks said...

At mobileread we've been discussing exactly what this involves.

Will the Cybook gen 3 support drm for both mobipocket and epub?

Will this update be released 1st quarter of 2009, or is that when bookeen is given access to the sdk?

Doesn't mobipocket have a rule that if you are going to support their drm, you can't support any ones elses?

Hope you can answer some of these questions as alot of us over at mobileread are really excited about this news. I myself own several hundred pounds worth of epub files which I can only read on my computer. I bought them becouse they weren't available in the mobi format. Most of my fav books are only available in epub, so this would be a very welcome addition to the firmware.

Anonymous said...

excellent, excellent news.

could you also please answer the previous responder's questions? or do you not read comments to this blog?

i've been hesitating about buying your reader (despite it being my front runner) because you don't seem to be so good at communicating with your users. and with technology as much in flux as it is with ebook readers, i think such communication is paramount. at least from the user's perspective, *wry grin*.

Koszolányi said...

This will be wonderfull!!! Two things I am missing from Bookeen g3: possibility of "reasonable" reading of pdf files, which is now terrible :-), zooming + moving every page...
and second one: directory structure.. I hope will come in some next firmware... I have on SD 150 books and listing to find a book - very unconvenient.
Thanks Cybook! I am glad, that you touch customer very needs! :-)

Michael said...

Dear bookeen

First quarter is over in 2 working days...

Any update on the availability of the firmware update?


NAE said...

Bookeen missed the "beginning of 2009" software upgrade.

Bookeen missed the promised "first quarter" software upgrade.

And Bookeen stays silent.

When will Bookeen say a word about all this? Or, even better, WHEN will Bookeen release this much expected software upgrade?

Bookeen said...

Dear customers,

We are still working on the new firmware and we hope to be able to release it as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Luca said...

I would like to have a more precise date from Bookeen about the firmware upgrade release date.
Is folder support included?

Have you noticed that Bookeen reply is date 1st of April?
I hope it is not an "April Fools' Day" joke.

Abelardo said...

Dear Bookeen,
please could you at least post the list of changes that will be included in the new firmware update?
It would make the waiting less painful, if we knew what should we be looking forward to. It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

Bookeen said...

We are close to complete the release but we still have some bug shooting to do.
We hope that this new release will fullfill most of your wishes, and maybe more, about the Cybook firmware.

Best regards,

Carlo said...

I am very curious for the new update, because there is a lot to improve. I hope that it doesn't take too much more time, because I would like to buy ebooks. I am looking forward!

Anonymous said...

Another week has passed. Any closer to a release date?

K-Thom said...

Bookeeheeen ... the Firmware update, please? At least publish a list what the update includes.

Jo P ~ Malvern UK said...

As another excited cybook owner, patiently waiting for this update, I have to say that I am mnost disappointed with Bookeen's lack of response to questions which are well thought out and speak to the useablility and therefore marketablility of their device. There is a great deal of competition out there and if Bookeen what to come out on top they need to stop ignoring their users and start listening to their feedback. As a tech company, why set up a blog if you're not going to exploit the TWO-WAY communication it offers? You may as well just have a 'news' page on your main website.

Bookeen said...

Dear Customer,

We are close to release the next firmware upgrade. Please be sure that your suggestions are important to us and that we are preparing the upgrade taking your remarks in account.

Best regards,

Bookeen team

Antonio said...

Adjustable margins, please!

b4silio said...

- and different (even better: customizable) splash screen ;)

- oh, and different infos in the Library view: it's not so very useful to know both the date and size of the documents but only being able to read the first 8 letters of the title (in 10 per page view). Somehow it feels like the space could be used for something slightly less useless.

I know these comments have probably been made an annoyingly high number of time but nevertheless, I cannot believe it requires any real efforts to take care of them.

p.s. I am a huge fan of the cybook and if it takes months for firmware updates, i'm very happy to wait!

boergi said...

I am a new user of the cybook and hav ethe same old problems with the missing RDM PDF reading possibility. Now I see, that the last promised update of the firmware was another two weeks ago!! How long will this go, til the update really comes???
I hope, very soon!

Colm said...

An important feature in an upcoming release would be size / zoom / orientation settings PER INDIVIDUAL document NOT per document-type. I have a number of pdf documents set for reading on an ereader, but then another set of documents that need to be zoomed down and rotated to be read - having to change this every time I switch between documents is an annoyance that highlights the problems of an ereader, rather than enabling me.

Peter, Vienna (AUT) said...

I'm going to buy an ebook and Cybook is definately my favorite - but only if I'm able to open/read epub/PDF-DRM files!!!

boergi said...

Hellooo Bookeeen
How is the actual situation with the Adobe and EPUB compatibility?
Users are still waiting on informations.......

Buehl said...

I am very disappointet that a Cybook version with EPUB possibility is yet available for sale at Weltbild in Germany, but the old good customer have unitl now no possibility to upgrade.

Kind regards

Agente Smith said...

we want EPUB :(

Verena said...

EPUB !!!
EPUB !!!
EPUB !!!

Luca said...

I've seen the news about your new reader called Opus.
It looks good, I've also noticed that in the specification the point:

- Folder management


I'm wondering when will you release the cybook firmware upgrade providing the same feature?
If you had the time to develop the feature for the new product you should also be able to do the same for the cybook!

It is sad that your support is not at the same level of your products. In fact it is one of the worst I have ever experienced.
Please do something to change this!

Since the Opus release date is June I'm expecting that at the same time you release the firmware upgrade for the cybook with Foldes feature!

Best Regards

boergi said...

Dear Bookeen Team
Give us a brief hint what the timetable for the new firmware for the cybook is - please!!

Carlo said...

Attention everyone: Q3 has been relabelled Q1, so please adjust your calendars.

Christine said...

Second attempt- will this new update make fonts in pdf files readable? You promised to do this months ago.

Bookeen said...

Dear christine,

You are able to read all embedded fonts for PDF documents, with the Cybook Gen3 and the Opus.

Best regards,

Bookeen Team

handsome said...


just bought gen3 but cannot open pdf file, get error opening.
have v1.2 build 834
pdf opens fine on laptop

Bookeen said...

Dear customers,

If you experienced any difficulties with your Cybooks, you can contact us by email at:
support'at'bookeen.com (replacing 'at' by @)

We will be pleased to give answer to your request.

Best regards and good reading,

Bookeen team

Best regards