Monday, November 12, 2007

Cybook Gen 3 more reviews

Gigi loves book and she has a Cybook gen3. Following our precedent post, here is the second part of the previous review by Gigi from eBooks About Everything.
"All in all – this has been a good experience and I am a happy customer. Sure there are a few changes and/or improvements I would like to see, but they are relatively minor and do not impact my overall satisfaction. Good job, Bookeen! "

If you look for another point of view, another review on Mobileread by Barcey who have made a comparison between a Cybook and a PDA.
"Buy it you won't regret it. You know you want it."

And also another review on Mobileread too by Bob_ninja with many pictures and many test on different kind of ebook files.
"In summary this device met all my expectations and exceeded others. I would gladly recommend it to others. I am looking forward to software updates to clean up the minor issues I found."


Bookeen team

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cybook Gen 3 review

Gigi from eBooks About Everything has received its Cybook Gen3 and has decided to share her first impressions on her blog. So if you want to know her thoughts about the Cybook Gen3 follow the link.

User's guide for Cybook Gen3

Most of the first Cybook users did notice that the Cybook Gen3 user's guide was not in the Cybook as described in the Quick Start Guide.

With some days late, here is the Mobipocket version of the Cybook Gen3 user's guide.

Download the eBook file here.

For those who have a Cybook:
- Switch on your Cybook.
- Connect your Cybook Gen3 to your computer using your USB cable.
- Let the device mount as an external mass storage device.
- Drag and drop the file in the eBooks folder..
- Unplug the Cybook.
- On the Cybook, choose the user's guide and press the OK button.
- Read.

For those who have not yet a Cybook, download the file and double-click on it. If Mobipocket is installed on your computer, you can read it. For the others install Mobipocket first(*).

(*) Only available on PC