Thursday, November 8, 2007

User's guide for Cybook Gen3

Most of the first Cybook users did notice that the Cybook Gen3 user's guide was not in the Cybook as described in the Quick Start Guide.

With some days late, here is the Mobipocket version of the Cybook Gen3 user's guide.

Download the eBook file here.

For those who have a Cybook:
- Switch on your Cybook.
- Connect your Cybook Gen3 to your computer using your USB cable.
- Let the device mount as an external mass storage device.
- Drag and drop the file in the eBooks folder..
- Unplug the Cybook.
- On the Cybook, choose the user's guide and press the OK button.
- Read.

For those who have not yet a Cybook, download the file and double-click on it. If Mobipocket is installed on your computer, you can read it. For the others install Mobipocket first(*).

(*) Only available on PC


AlanW said...

The manual isn't readable by FBReader. This is an issue because MobiPocket does not have a reader for Linux or the Mac.

Assuming it isn't encrypted, the manual may be using MobiPocket's proprietary compression scheme which isn't supported by FBReader because MobiPocket has never released details of how to decompress such files.

Dana said...

Cool, but looks like it didn't quite make it through the proofreading process.

1. End of section 1.2, the "For example, choose font size" should probably be in bold, since that's what the sentence implied.

2. Front View, description for button [2] is missing

3. End of section 3.1 is missing ("you can also")

4. Section 5.2, check the case for the Fonts directory (as per comments on mobileread forum)

Thanks (and one day, I may have one of my own :-)).


Mitja said...

Will it be available in any other format? PDF for example? TXT?

Mademoiselle said...

After I dropped some normal .pdf-files on my cybook's e-books folder and unplug, I tried to open it, but always only a black screen appeared. The User Guide said, that pdf files are working on Cybook, but I can't imagine how. I also tried to converting pdf files into prc with the mobipocket reader, but it made an awful fluently mass of words, without spaces, without enters. So that doesn't work too.
Could you help me?

robin said...

I got by Cybook yesterday, in SF, CA, USA, and downloaded the User's Guide today because I wanted to add a font and was unable to find the fonts folder mentioned on the Quick Start Guide. I put the guide on the book reader and it gives me garbage. Any ideas.

robin said...

and furthermore, the reader doesn't see the SD Card I plugged in, it's FAT formatted, and doesn't offer any options to format it.

ludlowlad said...

Please some help for those of us who are trying to use the cybook with mac.

irenedelse said...

To ludlowlad and other Mac/Linux users: If you already have a Cybook Gen3, you don't need the desktop Mobipocket Reader to read the user's manual, or any Mobipocket format ebook, for that matter. Just download the manual (it's a PRC file) and transfer it to your Cybook via the USB cable. You just need to copy it in the "eBooks" folder, then you disconnect the cable, and you can read it directly on your Cybook.

To Robin: before adding a font to your Cybook, you need to create a folder titled Fonts (written exactly like this, with a "s" in the end, and the capital F because the system is case sensitive). That folder must be in your Cybook drive, not the SD card, or it won't work. Then you can transfer the font files. But I wouldn't recommend to add too many fonts or too exotic, because the font management software seems quite buggy for now. For now, TTF fonts seem to work the best.

The Cybook forum on Mobileread is also a good place to hear from knowledgeable Cybook users:

irenedelse said...

I have to ask the Bookeen team, though: do you intend to release a French language version of your Cybook user manual? That would be useful for many users! ;-)

ludlowlad said...

Thanks to irenedelse; however, this dumb Mac user cannot seem to figure out how to download the user guide to the cybook, although I have had no problem downloading several books.

Anonymous said...

If you're a mac user on Safari the manual won't download. I switched to Firefox and it downloaded to my desktop right away.

nola said...

To Robin,Irenedelse: I Had same problem with adding fonts and I find out, that you must erase file \system\.fonts.cache-1 and after that is all OK.

Alexis said...

.PDFs are unreadable on the Cybook, no matter how you set it up. The text is so small you 'd need a microscope to read it, and my eyes are ok ...


alexis said...

also the SD card is not recognized, nor is its content. Maybe I'm doing something wrong here, but the manual does not explain anything about this matter

al said...


The best solution for the pdf's files is to convert them into mobipocket format using mobipocket creator.

Does anyone know how to setup dictionaries ? I have a french dictionnary that I have converted from a pdf file but it's not recognized.


Minh said...

For Robin:

Where do you find the Cybook in SF,CA,USA. I live there and wonder where can you find it.

Thank you,