Monday, October 29, 2007

Cybook Gen3 now on sale at

Bookeen is proud to announce the availability of the Cybook Gen3 for sale directly on

We invite you to visit our shop section to discover the Cybook Gen3, the Deluxe Pack and its accessories.

The Bookeen website has been updated with many information about the device and its features.
Best regards to all,

Bookeen Team


No. 1 said...

Very glad to see this finally !!!!
But you should have added that the shipping will begin only on 2/11/07...

Bookeen said...

You are 100% right.
I confirm the shipping will begin on 2/11/07. 4 days from now.


Michael (for Bookeen)

Stuart said...

Thanks Bookeen, ordered mine last night. Regarding native CHM support, could you give us any indication when we'll see this? - Converting via Mobipocket just produces a mess.



Craig&Hugh said...

I couldn't see any mention about folder support. You had previously said that this may be available for first release?

Ben said...

With regards to the "2/11/07" shipping date, when dealing with an international audience, my preference is to use the following format: 2007-11-02. It avoids any confusion and eliminates people juxtaposing your local format and theirs. :)

Shinken said...

There is a support for Japanise language? "Cybook Gen3 support unicode text and exist font with kana and kanji?

Michael said...

Fantastic. I have already ordered one.

I don't know if you saw my message to "comments", but your front page is not working correctly in Firefox. The top of the page above the fold looks like you messed up your table tags. Possibly your td tags.

I can't wait to receive my Cybook. Your estimate was for two day shipping to the US, so I assume that means about Tuesday? Do you expect to get all of your orders out on Friday, or will it take a few days to ship out the initial orders?

Thanks again,

Sean Fagan said...

Excellent... now I just need to decide whether to order direct, or wait for the NAEB guys.

Jason said...

Ordered mine ... I'm so pleased that you've gone for a user replaceable battery (spare provided too with deluxe) ~ this was my major gripe with my iLiad :)

Anonymous said...

I want to suggest a couple of more video demos. I'm interested in this kind of device to carry around my technical PDF collection. How flexible is the Cybook with PDF files? Can you zoom in and move easily along the page?

Maxxin said...

I almost ordered. Then after entering my details I realized you sell the item to EU at 45% markup compared to US. I read your comments on FAQ, but frankly I do not understand the resoning. Well, I will have now to wait for any clever reseller to offer it from US on ebay. How sad....

Anonymous said...

I am tempted by this device, but I recall some issues with Gen2... I can't recall what they were. Can someone describe the differences between Gen2 and Gen3, please? What are the negatives to Gen3? How does this compare to other readers? Thank you.

(u) said...

Great to hear you are finally launching this, guys!

I would just like to mention that I am one of those who most look forward to reading magazine articles and other documents. I know e-books are supposedly the "killer app", but magazine articles and hopefully also transferring pdfs from work is what I am after.

I love to read long magazine articles (NY Rev of Books, The Economist, New Yorker, Wired..), but not from this upright, very luminescent computer screen I am sitting at right now.

And the ability to go through and browse 40-50 pages from a pdf instead of printing it would be just great.

Like at work, for example. Without hesitating, I could just go take a coffee and sit down to browse the kinds of pdfs I probably should be printing now, but won't because of all the money spent and the incredible paper waste.

So kindly keep other users than e-book readers in mind also! :)

Best of luck and hope you achieve success with this great product!


mjdb said...

"Michael (for Bookeen)" wrote
"You are 100% right.
I confirm the shipping will begin on 2/11/07. 4 days from now."

Um, I notice that estimated shipping date didn't last long.

The website now says
" all orders from now on will ship between December 5 and December 13, 2007. "

Martin. said...

I came so close to buying, then realised for Australian delivery I'm paying Euros and it comes to over $700 Australian dollars.

But now, the Australian dollar is almost at parity with US, so I can get a Sony Reader 505 for about $360.

That's half the price... I think you should review this policy and allow the USD price for Australian customers - nobody in Australia would be stupid enough to buy under your current policy.

mjdb said... said...
"[snip] I think you should review this policy and allow the USD price for Australian customers [snip]"

Personally here in New Zealand, I am waiting with interest to see prices from other retailers who I believe plan to resell the Cybook Gen3 worldwide at a price in US dollars.

One example is a group of SF Fans based in the USA, who set up a company with the aim of selling a relatively low cost eInk reader.

They gave up the initial plans to get a custom reader built, and currently I gather that they are negotiating with Bookeen for a bulk purchase of 1000+ readers to resell at minimal margin to interested fans worldwide, at a price in US dollars (still being negotiated).

Their website is

But most discussion is at the eBook Reader conference at the site of Baen, the SF publishing house.
(registration required)

Martin. said...

thanks for the tip Martin, I'll keep my eye on that!

misspider said...

I strongly agree with maxxin's comment. I was tempted to purchase the premium pack, but when I changed location to Germany and found that the price was equal in Euro as in Dollar I promptly canceled the order. With a purchase in the US I would spend even less money for the premium pack than what the plain cybook would cost here in Europe. Which makes me wonder, as I understand that bookeen is a company located in France, Europe...

Nounours said...

I strongly agree with maxxin's and missspider comment. I am also located in Europe and I am very interested in Cybook Gen 3, but I will not buy it until Bookeen change its price policy. I will wait until end of November 2007 and order the Irex ILiad if the Euro = Dollar price still is valid!

Best greetings to all ebook fans!

klikklak said...

I think I'll be buying this in december, but seriously guys, you really ought to lower the price for europeans, it's outrageous. If (and if) I can find a sony 500 from us that ships to europe, I'll get that instead, the price difference is really that big.

info said...

Euro price is preventing me from buying. $1 could be worth €0.50c by the end of the year. Which price is the real price? If its the dollar price, I'm going to wait. I suspect its the euro price, but it just feels like I'm being conned.

Michael said...

In case anyone is curious. I did get a Fedex Shipment notice from Bookeen yesterday (Friday, November 2), so I can confirm that Bookeen did make their plans to start shipping on Friday.

FedEx estimates the product will be received by noon on Monday.

cuJimmy said...

The Euro pricing is a total outrage.
'Ebenezer Scrooge' must be choking on his gruel for not thinking this one up.

google said...

Obviously, Booken does not seem to be interested in selling their Cybooks, since they have no time to answer their potential clients' emails... It seems than French people do not have yet understood the basis of e-Commerce and are still unable to work with electronic mail.

Since I never got any answer from Bookeen to my emails, I have no other solution than buying an iRex. The iRex's seller answered me in the hour following my emails, even in the WE, and is able to ship it immediatlely, that is not unusual in North America. Although iRex is somewhat more expensive, it has also more features, and for people money does not matter to, it is a very good alternative.

Then, thanks to Bookeen's inefficiency, I will buy an iRex.


Philippe Riondel

MEL said...

I am also not too impressed with Bookeen’s customer service.
I placed an order and sent two emails to Bookeen to have the shipment address changed but have not had any response to either.
In addition my order shows a shipment date of 02/11/07 but I have still not had a shipment tracking number (and yet again there are no replies to my emails to chase this up).

Great start guys!!!

(u) said...

Come on now, Bookeen. I'll give you guys the benefit of doubt and assume you have just been to busy to answer all emails and properly adress all of the issues mentioned here.

But be warned. Using the internet for communications these days (especially a blog!), you are expected to respond quite quickly. That's just how it is.

Like I said, I still think you do your best and will probable adress the issues above and more, but take action now! Tommorrow it might be too late.

And if you communicate in such a personal way as a blog, you need to go to great lengths for being perceived as honest and symphatetic. Otherwise you lose the point and the whole communications concept/metaphor turns against you and you will be vilified (which is obviously what is beginning to happen now)

That's my two cents at least, eh :)

Craig&Hugh said...

I have to be honest and say that Bookeen have been great and came back very promptly. My cybook arrived today and I am very pleased with it although having a few teething problems with Mobipocket! I too was concerned about the price differential but I went for the deluxe pack and it looks and feels great.

T2T said...

[I don't know why I appeared previously as Google... funny :-)]

I ordered my iRex a couple of minute ago (15h06), after 3 mails and replies with the provider, and here is what he said in the last ones : "Hi Philippe, I will put you at the top of the list and it will ship today. Regards, Jeff",
and at 15h36 :
"Hi Philippe, Thanks for your order. We are working on it right now and it will be on the truck today... "

That is customer service! I should get my reader on wednesday, before EOD.

Bookeen said...

Dear T2T,

We have answered two times to your email.

But obviously, you did not receive our emails (spam filters maybe).

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Good luck.

Michael (for Bookeen)

T2T said...


Please apologize for my tone and messages. I checked the log of my spam blocker and I can confirm you tried to send me two emails.

So, to everybody : I was wrong and Bookeen did the job!

Kind regards


Sergey said...

I am considering buying this device. I need to know if unicode (UTF-8) is supported. Or is it not?


rbastro said...

I'm still awaiting confirmation that orders placed immediately upon notification that the new Cybook was available have in fact been shipped on November 2nd.

JPJ41 said...

Commandé avant le 02/11
J'ai reçu le mien le 06/11 à midi.
En charge pendant 3 heures, de quoi trépigner d'impatience ...

Quelle est la structure autorisée des répertoires et sous-répertoires sur la SD, je n'ai pas trouvé le manuel détaillé sur le Web.

SVP,pourriez vous ouvrir un forum pratique en français, au lieu d'un blog en anglais ?


targonya said...

I've got my Cybook today, but I simply can't use it. :-( (Of course, I charged the battery) Finally, I downloaded the Mobipocket ebook reader too, but I can't send any html, or txt, or imported e-book to my cybook, beacuse it always send me a message, that the cybook gen3 is write-protected, and I have to change it, but I don't know where, and how!
I'm very disappointed :-(
Can you help me Michael (for Booken)?

targonya said...

OK, I'm terribly sorry for my previous message, because something happened (I don't know what..) but now everything is wonderful! The transferring is working, without messages, and I love it! Amazing! :-))))

RJ Christopher said...

The "User Guide" eDocument is not present on the Gen 3, as indicated on the Quick Start Guide card. Where/when can we get the User Guide?

ludlowlad said...

I too am unable to find the user's guide. I also note on the quick start card that all functions do not work with the iMac. When will this problem be remedied?

RJ Christopher said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RJ Christopher said...

There are only two fonts available for PRC files. Will future releases of the firmware provide (1) Additional fonts, and/or (2) Will users have the capability of downloading additional fonts?

mjdb said...

RJ christopher asked about support for extra fonts.

I don't have a Cybook yet, but may I sugest you read the forums over at

According to the discussion there, when your reader is connected to your comouter, you should see a Fonts directory in the in internal Flash memory (not the SD card).

Try copying your own extra True Type fonts into that directory.


RJ Christopher said...

My Gen3 did not have a font folder. So I created one and copied in a font from my XP fonts folder. The added font showed up 'Font Families' in the Gen3. Thanks to 'mjdb' !

Ganesh said...

Like several other people I also placed an order & my order shows a shipment date of 02/11/07.
To date I have still not had a shipment tracking number, and despite emailing twice to Bookeen, I have had no replies to even acknowledge my emails let alone provide me with details regarding the shipment.
Can someone at bookeen please get back to me to give me status. Thanks.

Luis Muñiz said...


I am a happy new bookeen owner. The quality of the display is amazing. Reading html and mobipocket ebooks is absolutely great!

However, I could not find a PDF file that was comfortable to read. The viewer just has 3 zoom settings: fit page, fit height, and fit width. All the PDF ebooks that i tried were unreadable with fit page and fit height. With fit width you end up with a headache.

Mangas on PDF are unreadable too. bad.

Please please, this device is absolutely amazing, can you do something about this?

RJ Christopher said...

I am unable to make ANY 1 GB SD card work with the GEN3. I have tried three SD cards, all SanDisk. Have been successful in transferring books to the card(s) using both the xp desktop browser and the Mobipocket PC program. But when the SD is in the card slot on top of the GEN3 the unit 'hangs' and will not read the card. Recovery requires removing the SD card, and (sometimes) doing a reset.

The 128 MB card (also a SanDisk) I have been using has worked with no problems.

Sonny said...

Any news about the prices ? Still EU on par with US prices, which is quite unbelievable ... Even if we add 20% VAT to the US price, it's way below 350€ ...
Not to mention the availability sometime in December. It's quite hard not to go for a Sony 505 available right now and decently priced.

down under said...

Was gonna order until I changed the location to Australia...

Anonymous said...

I just got the book and I love it. It looks great. The only problem I have so far is with pdf's. I have a hard time reading some of them because the font is just too small. I hope you guys can add a better zooming ability in a later firmware.

guillem said...

Very disappointed by your price strategy 1€ = 1$.
I'm French, living in Ireland and still cannot understand why European people have always to pay more when the currencies is in our favour.

In the end, I will certainly order something. Pretty sure not here. Disappointed to see again a good French product fucked up by some sales strategy.